John Deere 8960 typical problems

John Deere 8960 typical problems Problems

I hear a thump of diesel. What happen?

  • The coolant temperature is low.
  • Lack of oil. Fill with oil.

Diesel cannot start. Explain to me what can be a problem?

  • The starter motor may be damaged. Diagnose the starter motor and install a new one if necessary.
  • You should use only the required grade of fuel.
  • The injection pump is broken. Check and change if necessary.
  • Cylinder bores are worn, repair engine.
  • Valve timing is incorrect, adjust valve timing.
  • Fuel pump timing is wrong. Adjust it if necessary.

The front axle of the tractor rattles chronically when the tractor is running.

  • This is gear damage. Replace gears. The roller bearings are firmly erased. It needs to be changed.

The steering wheel does not work. How can I fix the problem?

  • Check the oil level and fill the reservoir if the oil level is low.
  • The oil level is low. Fill in the oil.
  • Hydraulic system oil level is at minimum. Fill in the oil.
  • The steering hydraulic cylinder is damaged. Replace it.
  • Repair the steering hydraulic cylinder.
  • The power steering has a defect. Install the new power steering.
  • Release the air from the hydraulic system.
  • Hydraulic connections are not sealed. Eliminate the defect.
  • The steering pump is broken. Check the steering pump.
  • If the steering pump is broken, repair the pump.

The motor does not start. What should I check?

  • The high pressure fuel pump drive shaft may be broken.
  • Cold start system.
  • Air filter or induction system.
  • Water, dirt, or air in the fuel system. Drain, rinse, fill and purge the system if this is the case.
  • The quality of the fuel, could be too heavy at low temperature.
  • Deformation or wear of piston rings.

Diesel overheats. How to solve it?

  • The radiator may be clogged, clean the core.
  • The fan belt is loose or defective – Replace the fan belt if necessary Check the belt tensioner.
  • Fill the system with coolant if its level is low.
  • Tractor is overloaded – reduce load or speed.

Diesel starting is intermittent. What needs to be fixed?

  • The injector is clogged or the injection pump is damaged. Check the injector or repair the fuel pump.

Differential lock breaks abruptly. How to solve the problem?

  • Diaphragm is broken or replace friction clutch discs.
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