John Deere 8960 tractor rear hydraulic problems

John Deere 8960 tractor rear hydraulic problems Problems

I have a tractor and I am having problems with the rear hydraulics of the John Deere 8960. The last time (about 1 month ago) I used my bushog,
I left it up maybe 1.5 feet. My mistake, I rarely do this, but I have done it before.
This weekend I went to use it and the bushog did not go down. It just went up. It is now stuck all the way up in the raised position.
I have tried adjusting the flow valve, but it has done nothing. My dealer said that because I left it in the raised position too long,
You may have a stuck valve in your hydraulic system. He said it doesn’t always happen, but that is probably what is causing my problems.
Any ideas? Even if I can lower it so that the bushing disengages? He wants me to take him to the workshop.
The problem is, the shop is 65 miles away and you would have to tow it with the bushog in the raised position.
It is not a very safe way to travel and could possibly cause more damage unless you find a way to support all that weight (LX6).
BTW – I have a 521 charger and it works great. Thanks

Does your John Deere 8960 tractor have 3-point electric hitch control? (rocker switch control instead of a lever).
If so, there is a manual release valve under the seat somewhere, the manual will tell you.
Also check the arm position adjustment to make sure it is all the way down. This has happened to me in our 5425,
the toggle switch is down but the arm position lever is somewhere in the middle. Regardless of whether the control is manual or electric,
Make sure the airflow control is off as it can do unexpected things if it is on the most sensitive setting.

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John Deere 8960 tractor rear hydraulic problems