John Deere 8960 steering issues

John Deere 8960 steering issues Problems

Having problems with this tractor when you turn it occasionally. It acts like it doesn’t have power steering only some times. Usually it doesn’t have any issues at all and steers with no problem. Anyone have a similar problem or know where to look? Thank you for your help.

Gudgeon bearing worn out and binding?

I have an 8770 with the same thing. I even cleaned the vent on top of the hydraulic tank and that didn’t make any difference.

I have a 8570 that does it too. It started after the hyd pump went out.  
I wish someone had a answer on where to look.  

Put the steering on full lock and hold it there keep weight on the wheel as if you hate it for 10 minutes maybe 5 . Have someone feel where they estimate the piston of the cylinder is and feel if its hot. Very common to fail bits of rubber get in the steering valve block. Let me know if that is the cause

We had trouble steering with 8760 right before pump broke. Gear end pump broke off. Also had some piece get stuck in remote spools and cause it to let oil bypass cause they couldn’t shut off all the way.

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