John Deere 8960 Hydraulic Problem

John Deere 8960 Hydraulic Problem Problems

Just now getting where I’ve got some time to work on this problem. We’ve got an old 8960, that should probably just go to Bootheel, but it sticks around for those just in case moments. This past spring, it lost all the hydraulics. Nothing to the SCVs, and no steering. I’m not getting a warning light on the axle lube, so I’m assuming the shafts are turning thru all the pumps in the stack. So, what are chances it has just gotten stuck in destroke?? The operator was just folding up a piece of equipment, when it just quite. Or, could it be a charge pump failure?? Looking for some quick diagnostic ideas before I go to the trouble of pulling the pump out.

How many hours? At 8000 hours it is not uncommon for the hydraulic pump shaft to break internally. Rebuilt pump $1600 plus labor.

Pump is located on top of transmission between engine and transmission.

Have also seen pin that drives both pumps shear off. Several times customer got lucky and only needed the pin. part #R63249.

Take your left rear engine shield off and remove the easiest piston plug on the hyd pump and turn the engine over by hand and see if the piston moves , if it doesn’t which I am betting on you have a drive shaft broken, good luck, those 8960’s are good tractors.

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