John Deere 8960 fuel turned up

John Deere 8960 fuel turned up Problems

John Deere 8960 had the injection pump turned up a bit, no a lot, but can notice the difference. Tractor seems to really pull better and doesnt get hot. Only thing everything else is stock and when its pulling up a hill or pulling through a tough spot the ” Air Filter ” light comes on and beeps. really annoying. This always happenned in the past but the air filter would be plugged up with dust. Now it happens all the time got a new inner and outter air filter. Should I unplug the sensor? Any ideas? Not turning the fuel back down that for sure!!

Asperator check valve? Weak sensor?

where is that? is it underneath the hood in between the air filter box and the turbo ? on the top of the big pipe ?

Its in the air filter housing. Pull the asperator hose off and blow air in there with a blow gun. You should hear it closing.

I had a conversation with a guy from Kinze about turning up an 8960 and he claimed the air filter was the limiting factor, at the time about 8 years ago he said you could get a larger filter assembly from them, don’t know if it is still available. I went 425 hp and never had filter light come on with stock filter. More fuel means more air is needed you may be pushing stock filter to the max. Curios how many ponies did you go with.

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