John Deere 8960 fuel/starting problems

John Deere 8960 fuel starting problems Problems

Problem of tractor John Deere 8960. The diesel engine is difficult to boot. I need help to find the cause of the problem. What should I check?

The fuel tank or the fuel filter are obstructed with dirt. The Board of Culata has a leak. The cold boot system has worked badly. Damage or wear of the piston segments. The drive shaft of the injection pump is defective. Water on the fuel. Fuel too heavy at low temperature.

I have a tractor John Deere 8960 in August. There is currently a problem. The motor does not start. Could someone help me find the cause of the breakdown?

  • The starter starts very slowly – diagnose the boot engine and reinstall if necessary.
  • Obstruction on the fuel line – Clean and rinse.
  • The filter element is dirty – replace it.
  • Worn piston rings – you have to repair them.

I use the same tractor John Deere 8960. Recently I have noticed that the steering wheel turns badly. Help me find out what the problem is.

  • The minimum level of oil. Installed steering column incorrectly – correct.
  • Defective steering pump. Hydraulic connections have leaks. Remove a breakdown.
  • The assisted steering pump is broken. Install the new pump.
  • The assisted address is damaged. Install the new assisted address.

Problems of the diesel engine of the tractor John Deere 8960. Difficulty starting the engine regularly. How can I solve a problem?

  • Restricted fuel lines. Air leaks in suction ducts. Obstructed exhaust pipe.
  • Low voltage – Load the battery.
  • Defective or obstructed diesel injection nozzles. Filter obstructed.
  • Closed fuel shut-off valve. Open the fuel shut-off valve.

Can someone help me why my steering wheel turns without resistance? How do I act to solve a problem?

  • Low level of hydraulic oil in the tank – fill it.
  • Defective steering cylinder – Repair it.
  • Defective assisted steering pump – replace the pump.
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John Deere 8960 fuel/starting problems