John Deere 8960 dash problem

John Deere 8960 dash problem Problems

Have a jd 8960 the performance dashes work and have been gone through by ag express so I know the problem is not there. My problem is the tach and speedo are erratic. As soon as you start the tractor the tach tops out and the number read like 3800 ish Roma and jumps around. Did put a new engine speed sensor on to see if that would help no luck. Also he speed always reads a lot higher than what it’s actually running. Any help thanks ahead of time.

Something simple to check, but on my 8960 the dash was doing weird things it ended up being the main harness going into the dash was loose. Tach would jump around but also had random lights and buzzers going off. Believe it was some sort of threaded fitting that pulls the plug into the dash. Make sure it’s screwed on real tight or maybe unplug it and blow any dust out.

If the speed is just running higher, a calibration of the system is needed. Its slightly complex and you need the book, or i do. The tach maybe a calibration issue as well.

Do you have the rpm readout on the left side monitor or is that side just plastic? My 70 only has the right side inteli trac but my 2 row crops have the left performance as well.

you need the book to find the correct wires to check. You could try cleaning all conectors and checking for loose or damaged wires.

Check your grounds at the hinge piont behind battery area. I don’t think its on the cab, but its right near where the main ground bolts to tractor. Clean and check the ring conectors for damage where wire crimps. I had a similar issues on 4955, the heat shrink was keeping the ring conector attached to wire and making intermittent comection.

Yes I have two monitors and the Rpms on the left side jump around as well I will check the ground and clamps and look into recalibration. But since it just all over the place I’m hoping a ground as well but wanted to see what others were having issues with

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