John Deere 8960 battery drain problems

John Deere 8960 battery drain problems Problems

I have a 2003 John Deere 8960 with battery discharge issues. Last year it worked fine, but it stood still for several months during the winter, so this spring when I took it out to use, the battery was dead.

The battery was old and the tests showed a short in the cell, so I bought a new battery. It never worked after I put in the new battery, and four days later he went to get the tractor out and the new battery was dead again.

Well, I thought I might have gotten bad battery – what up – but tested after charging and battery tested fine. I put her back on the tractor and four days later she was dead again. Something is draining the battery.

I haven’t gotten it to work, so it can’t be that the alternator isn’t charging, but it does have an electrical drain somewhere in the system. At first I thought I could have left the switch on, but no, it’s not that simple, it was off.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

I have no suggestion but to join the club.

I have a 2006 John Deere 8960 that the battery has run out of battery maybe six times for no apparent reason.

Maybe I have left something on once or twice but surely not all. The last episode of this winter gave about 15 volts even after charging the battery.

I have pictures of all the boxes that connect to the relays and I don’t know what I was thinking when I posted asking what they were.

Surely it did it while it was under warranty but it sure is already out, you just have to charge it and voila it does not happen to me more than a couple of times a year in the worst case at least so far.

It may not be the exact same problem.

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John Deere 8960 battery drain problems